Utopia Consultation

Utopia Consultation (2012-2013)

Utopia Consultation is a performative form of service that aims to open up utopian perspectives and possibilities in relation to the everyday life, identity or situation of an individual or a community. Every encounter is unique: the form and focus of the dialogue depend on the questions or issues the participant brings with them. Utopia emerges, when these questions are interwoven with the consultant’s methods. The methods have been developed collaboratively between the different members of the working group; they stem from a range of practices including experience-oriented and interactive performance, family constellation, gestalt therapy, improvisation theater and hypnosis.

Utopia Consultation is suitable for people of all ages and kinds, from individuals to couples and families to groups and organizations. The consultation can consist either of one or a series of sessions. The location and duration depend on the participant’s needs and wishes.

The first consultations were performed in Fall 2012. Since then, we have consulted more than a hundred individuals and several communities and organizations, including Tekes, Aalto Executive Education and Puistola home for the elderly (Puistolan palvelutalo).

Concept and direction: Saara Hannula
Working group: Outi Condit, Talvikki Eerola, Jussi Johnsson, Pekko Koskinen, Minja Mertanen, Risto Santavuori and Sanna Uuttu
Production: Reality Research Center
Venue: Different venues in Helsinki

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