Wasteland Series

Wasteland Series [work in progress]

Wasteland Series is an inquiry into the energetics and politics of land areas that are currently not in human use or that are otherwise considered economically unproductive. In the Finnish land use classification, such areas are labeled as “wasteland” or “other land”. These categories commonly refer to former mines and quarries, abandoned or unfinished construction sites, or polluted land areas  places that are not in the use of forestry or other forms of industry, that can no longer be used for their previous purpose, or whose use has been permanently ended.

The series consists of site-responsive performance installations, research expositions and multimedia publications. Each installation is situated in a different land area and forms in response to the contingent events and gradual processes taking place in it over an extended period of time.

Upcoming events
Research Pavilion #3, Venice Biennial, May–June 2019