The Realm of the Invisible

The Realm of the Invisible (2008)

The Realm of the Invisible was a participatory performance installation in three acts. It consisted of a series of one-on-one encounters between the performers and the spectators. The purpose of the encounters was to explore the invisible aspects of human interaction, such as energetic exchange, affect and intimacy.

The performance installation was set in a gallery space on the third floor of Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. The space was separated into a collection of semi-private rooms with the help of opaque screens hanging from the ceiling.

Concept and direction: Julius Elo and Tuomas Laitinen
Working group: Saara Hannula, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Suvi Leppänen, Minja Mertanen, Janne Pellinen, Linda Priha, Iiris Raipala and Petri Taipale
Spatial design: Saara Hannula
Light design: Tomi Humalisto
Production: Reality Research Center
Venue: / Festival, Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki

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