The BodyBuilding Project: An Introduction

The BodyBuilding Project: An Introduction (2014)

The BodyBuilding Project: An Introduction was a participatory performance installation created for Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival in Fall 2014. The piece was set in an old underground bomb shelter, currently functioning as an exhibition and event space for the University of the Arts.

The performance installation consisted of three simultanenous durational activities, each located in a different part of the space. The first one was a performance lecture that traced the development of the climate crisis and the emergence of the current ecological and political situation all the way from the birth of Planet Earth to the present day. The second consisted of a series of embodied practices that were both performed for and shared with the audience; the practices focused on the sensing of matter in different forms and scales. The third part was an emergent form of play performed collaboratively by a dog and a human performer. The play was based on the dissolution of cultural behaviors that typically govern the bodily interactions between dogs and humans.

The audience could move freely in the space, participate in the activities at will, read books, sleep or discuss with each other. They could also enter and exit the space whenever they wanted.

Working group: Outi Condit, Saara Hannula, Alan Prohm
Video: Tommi Vasko
Photos: Tani Simberg, Christopher Hewitt
Video documentation: Christopher Hewitt
Dates: November 11-12, 2014
Production: Baltic Circle
Venue: Baltic Circle Festival / Free Art Space, Helsinki