The BodyBuilding Project: Acclimatization

The BodyBuilding Project: Acclimatization (2015)

Acclimatization was a daylong event organized at the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in October 2015. The event investigated climate-related questions on an experiential and embodied level: the premise was to see whether and how it is possible for us to sense and adapt ourselves to climatic changes through our own body, and how these potential shifts and sensory experiences might change our ways of being. How can we move from observing local weather phenomena into sensing and perceiving extremely complex and interwoven events that happen on various levels and in multiple scales? Is this possible for us at all, and if so, how could we integrate these experiences into our daily lives?

The event consisted of two separate yet interrelated sessions. The morning session took place in the seminar space of the museum. The visitors were invited to think of the event as a microclimate that emerged through an extended and partly unpredictable encounter between various actants, such as sunrays, air currents, humidity, clouds, traffic, plants, construction materials, air conditioning, electricity, oil, clothes, smells, breathing, body temperatures, microbes, pollutants, thoughts, emotions, movements as well as different currents and vibrations. During the course of the event, the visitors could sense into the climate and adapt to it in their own way. There were three weather stations in the space, each of which offered a different way into sensing and interacting with the climate and the changes that occured in it. The visitors could visit one or several stations or participate in the event in other ways, for example by resting, breathing, reading, writing or discussing.

In the afternoon, we headed out into the city. Together, we wandered around in the urban environment while sensing and adjusting ourselves to the weather and the climate among and around us. The expedition was based on the experiments done earlier in the day but was in no way limited to them. The event ended with an open discussion, where the visitors could share and discuss their experiences with the public.

Working group: Anniina Ala-Ruona, Outi Condit, Saara Hannula, Ilpo Heikkinen, Tommi Vasko
Date: October 17, 2015
Image: Saara Hannula
Venue: / Sharedspace – Weather, Music and Politics 2013-2016 / Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki
Production: Kiasma Theatre