The BodyBuilding Project: A Non-Conclusion

The BodyBuilding Project: A Non-Conclusion (2015)

During Summer 2015, The BodyBuilding Project participated in a group exhibition at HIAP Gallery Augusta. The exhibition, titled Excavations, was a part of Frontiers in Retreat, a research residency platform that fosters multidisciplinary dialogue on ecological issues within a new European network involving artist residencies, art and education organisations, artists, experts in various disciplines as well as diverse audiences.

During the exhibition, The BodyBuilding Project inhabited the gallery space and its immediate surroundings along with the other exhibited projects and artworks. The process of inhabiting manifested in the form of open practice sessions and public events as well as materials, texts and objects of various kinds. The immaterial and material processes accumulated and evolved throughout the entire duration of the exhibition, creating an evershifting constellation of human and nonhuman bodies that spread both into the gallery and onto the island.

Towards the end of the exhibition, we organized a two-day event titled The BodyBuilding Project: A Non-Conclusion. The first day consisted of a series of exercises that moved the participants through a variety of perceptual registers, offering them ways of exposing themselves to the unknown within and around them. During the day, we reflected on the ways in which we respond to uncertainty, as well as to forces and forms of life that are beyond our control and understanding. The second day was set up as a durational state of not-knowing: each participant could choose the way in which they wished to orient themselves to the event. The proposals of the previous day would serve as possible entrances and landing sites without defining or determining the course of events.

Working group: Anniina Ala-Ruona, Outi Condit, Saara Hannula, Ilpo Heikkinen, Tommi Vasko
Dates: August 19-20, 2015
Photos: Salla Lahtinen / HIAP
Production: HIAP, Frontiers in Retreat
Venue: HIAP Gallery Augusta, Suomenlinna