Performance as Event. Performance and artistic research in transition towards post-fossil conditions.

My artistic research project is an inquiry into the ways in which practices of performance- and event-making participate and are affected by the ongoing, albeit somewhat tentative and speculative, transition towards post-fossil and post-capitalist conditions. It investigates the potential changes in the ways in which performances are being made, researched and thought of by focusing on questions of energy and the event. The investigation stems from the question of how current planetary and geopolitical events as well as their conceptual, material and experiential reverberations manifest in the field of contemporary performance and artistic research.

The research takes part in the prevalent attempts to deconstruct anthropogenic, anthropocentric and productivist practices of performance-making. It participates in this development by acknowledging the energies as well as the specific forms of nonhuman labor and agency that sustain current artistic and institutional practices, and by investigating the ecology, economy and energetics of the event in the context of contemporary performance. As a speculative extension of these approaches, it looks into asubjective and nonhuman forms of authorship, thus questioning anthropogenic authorship as a necessary premise of performance.

The research takes form through a continuous process of artistic experimentation and performative writing. It is conducted in constant dialogue with other artists and researchers and a range of contemporary thinkers and makers working with questions of energy, ecology and economy (such as Antti Salminen, Tere Vadén, Jason W. Moore, and Allan Stoekl), materiality and agency (such as Donna Haraway, Heather Davis, Karen Barad, and Reza Negarestani), as well as contingency, futurity and the event (such as Elie Ayache, Brian Massumi and Erin Manning); besides the above, it is influenced by early 20th century writers and philosophers, such as Alfred North Whitehead and Georges Bataille. The research process will lead to an artistic part and a commentary, consisting of a series of live events and multi-media expositions.

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