Performance as Event. Performance and artistic research in transition towards a post-fossil era.

My artistic research project is a practice-led inquiry into the ways in which performance-making participates in and is affected by the ongoing, albeit incipient, transition towards a post-fossil and post-capitalist era. It investigates the potential changes in the ways in which performances are being made, researched and thought of by focusing on questions of energy, authorship and emergence. The investigation stems from the question of how current planetary and geopolitical events as well as their conceptual, material and experiential reverberations manifest in the field of performance and artistic research.

The research takes part in the prevalent attempts to deconstruct anthropocentric and anthropogenic modes of performance-making by expanding the notions of authorship and agency into nonhuman modes of existence. It participates in this development firstly by looking into the nonhuman energies that sustain current practices of performance making and secondly by moving towards event-oriented modes of thinking and practice. The research is based on a three-fold transition 1) from human towards expanded forms of authorship, 2) from production towards emergence, and 3) from a restricted to a general economy of performance. As a speculative extension of these approaches, it questions anthropogenic authorship as a necessary premise of performance.

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