Renunciation (2008)

Renunciation was a 15-hour participatory performance for 10 performers and 10 participants. It was structured in the form of a collective retreat located at a seaside villa in Eastern Helsinki. The performance consisted of different participatory rituals and encounters. Some of the rituals were communal in nature, whereas others were highly private and intimate; most of the events involved physical interaction between the performers and the participants. Each participant could regulate and structure their own experience by moving in and out of the different rooms of the villa.

Concept and direction: Julius Elo and Tuomas Laitinen
Working group: Titta Halinen, Saara Hannula, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Suvi Leppänen, Minja Mertanen, Janne Pellinen and Maria Ruostepuro
Scenography and graphic design: Saara Hannula
Production: Reality Research Center
Venue: A private villa in Laajasalo, Helsinki

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