Politics of Silence

Politics of Silence (2007)

Politics of Silence was realized as a part of a year-long artistic research project titled “How to make a political performance?”. The aim of the project was to investigate the possibility and impossibility of experiencing silence in the contemporary society. The research period resulted in three performance installations performed in three distinctive environments, such as a shopping center, an art museum and a club. Each installation consisted of a series of one-on-one encounters between the performers and the members of the audience; the encounters were designed to support and give rise to a shared experience of silence. The visitors could choose to either watch others or take part in the encounters themselves.

Concept and direction: Julius Elo, Anna Jussilainen and Tuomas Laitinen
Working group: Saara Hannula, Minja Mertanen, Janne Saarakkala and Petri Taipale
Scenography and graphic design: Saara Hannula
Production: Reality Research Center
Venue: Kamppi shopping center, /theatre.now Festival at Kiasma, Korjaamo Culture Factory, Helsinki

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