Nonhuman Island

 Nonhuman Island (2016–2017)

Nonhuman Island was a two-year performative research project that approached nonhuman beings as potential performance makers.

The project, initiated in 2015, was initially motivated by the following questions: What kinds of performances emerge, if the makers consist of beings other than human? What kinds of changes do our ways of thinking and working need to go through in order for us to collaborate artistically with nonhuman beings, and how might these changes challenge the existing conventions and practices of performance-making? What forms of performing, spectating and participating might emerge in result? Can a performance happen without any human intervention or contribution?

The two-year working process was divided into three phases, each of which made more space for nonhuman agency, gradually moving human beings from the center to the periphery. In 2016, the research process was shared in the form of monthly events. In May 2017, a concluding event, titled Nonhuman Seminar, was organized. The seminar consisted of a series of talks and discussions as well as two performances, titled Kasvi (Plant) and Säiliö 47 (Container 47).

Past events
Nonhuman Island: Animal (February 2016)
Nonhuman Island: Plant (March 2016)
Nonhuman Island: Vibration (April 2016)
Nonhuman Island: Earth (May 2016)
Nonhuman Island: Discussion (June 2016)
Nonhuman Island: Fall (September 2016)
Nonhuman Island: Time (October 2016)
Nonhuman Island: Language (November 2016)
Nonhuman Seminar (May 2017)
Kasvi / Plant (May 2017)
Säiliö 47 / Container 47 (May 2017)

Project Website

Concept and coordination: Saara Hannula
Working group: Anniina Ala-Ruona, Saara Hannula, Luka, Minja Mertanen, Linda Priha, Kati Raatikainen, and other (non)human beings
Production: Reality Research Center, 2016-2017