Nonhuman Island

 Nonhuman Island (2016–2017)

Nonhuman Island was a two-year performative research project that approached nonhuman beings as potential collaborators and performance-makers.

The research process was divided into three phases, each of which investigated the conditions and possibilities of nonhuman forms of performance from a different point of view. The approaches were shared with others in the form of monthly events that were open to the public.

In May 2017, a concluding event was organized. The two-day event, titled Ei-inhimillinen seminaari /Nonhuman Seminar, consisted of a series of talks and discussions as well as two performances: Kasvi / Plant and Säiliö 47 / Container 47.

Past events
Nonhuman Island: Animal (February 2016)
Nonhuman Island: Plant (March 2016)
Nonhuman Island: Vibration (April 2016)
Nonhuman Island: Earth (May 2016)
Nonhuman Island: Discussion (June 2016)
Nonhuman Island: Fall (September 2016)
Nonhuman Island: Time (October 2016)
Nonhuman Island: Language (November 2016)
Nonhuman Seminar (May 2017)
Kasvi / Plant (May 2017)
Säiliö 47 / Container 47 (May 2017)

Working group: Anniina Ala-Ruona, Saara Hannula, Luka, Minja Mertanen, Linda Priha, Kati Raatikainen, and other (non)human beings
Production: Reality Research Center