Fields of Potential

The purpose of my doctoral studies is to investigate the role that affective environments and events play in the formation of individual and collective fields of potential. Our sense of what is possible in a given situation or at a particular moment in history is shaped by our past experiences, as well as the spaces and events that have given rise to them. Some of these experiences belong to our personal history, whereas others are collectively shared and are therefore defined by a larger social and political context. I’m interested in understanding how this sense, or feeling, is formed and how it can be generated, activated or reshaped through artistic interventions. My hypothesis is that affective environments and events, such as participatory performances and performance installations, can be used not only to reshape not only our image of what is possible for us but also our way of being in the world, both as individuals and as a species. The research will consist of a theoretical study and a series of three artistic productions that will allow me to test this hypothesis in practice.

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