Dialogues (2009)

Dialogues was a participatory performance that consisted of verbal and physical dialogues between the performers and the members of the audience. The possible forms of encounter (breathing, compressing, pinching, stroking, biting, hitting, resting, giving weight, exploring and fantasy) were listed on a menu that was handed to the participants at the beginning of the performance. The participant could choose a desired form of interaction from the menu, as well as a performer to interact with. Together, they would first sit down to negotiate the limits of the physical dialogue and then proceed to the actual encounter.

The piece was set up in a theater space. However, the space was used unconventionally: the front of the stage was turned into a lounge area resembling a French café or brothel, and the proscenium was dedicated to the verbal dialogues between the performers and the participants. The actual physical dialogues took place on stage, but they were separated off from the rest of the space by a thick curtain. This would allow the participants to engage in an intimate encounter with a performer without losing his/hers sense of safety.

Dialogues Menu

Direction: Julius Elo
Working group: Saara Hannula, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Maija Mustonen, Jarkko Partanen, Linda Priha, Anni Rissanen and Petri Taipale
Venue: /theatre.now Festival, Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki

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