Container 47

Container 47 / Säiliö 47

Container 47 is an ongoing yet speculative performance that takes place in the former Laajasalo oil harbour and the future Kruunuvuori residential area. The site is marked by an abandoned xylene container that will later be turned into a bird watching tower.

The piece asks whether and how a landscape performs, and for whom. Here, a landscape is seen as a constant process of formation that is shaped by a variety of forces and events. Its appearance changes both gradually and abruptly over time, but only a fraction of these changes are visible to human eyes.

In May 2017, the area around Container 47 was visited by two multispecies audiences. These events took place in the framework of Nonhuman Island, a two-year performative research project produced by Reality Research Center.

Working group: Anniina Ala-Ruona, Saara Hannula and Kati Raatikainen
Documentation: Saara Hannula
Production: Reality Research Center