stabilization by change and adjustment (whereas homestasis is stabilization by attempting to remain the same and adhere to metabolic set-points); variation by means of predictive regulation

(from Old English ongemang; in assemblage, in mingling)

mutual surrender (no longer a contradiction); “the planet needs us to its surrendering of itself to us

the risk of losing everything because it’s all you have, over the risk of having all that you could lose, in place of having more than you could ever lose or something other than that which you could lose; having more than you could lose all at once


enlightenment of oneself for the benefit of others


exhaustive negativism, to break the spell of reality and realize openness or spaciousness; superposition of the eight possible arrays of proposition or contradistinction:

Positive configuration
1 P
2 Not-P
3 Both P and Not-P
4 Neither P nor Not-P

Negative configuration
1 Not (P)
2 Not (Not-P)
3 Not (Both P and Not-P)
4 Not (Neither P nor Not-P)

coexistent nonexistence

a space in which a condition is overcome or contradicted

condition disinterest
indifference to conditions; not complicit with conditions creating one’s inconsequence; not reactive toward a particular condition; bordering on equanimity; getting out of cause and effect; not determined by the determined, socially, materially or otherwise. Complicit with conditions creating our inconsequence.

what you will need then as now

downstream defamiliarization of the raw-downstream stupidity-downstream moronizing-downstream daaa
“I’m just sitting here with these shoes and I’m trying to think.” “On the patch of floor in from of me there are a million things I don’t know.” Always trampling on something. Can’t even put my weight our the ground. Material alienation

extended interoception

(or as Mirko says: “leave it in the ground.”) True for fields, true for petroleum, minerals, gas. True for our works, words, wants and wishes? Cultivating the fallowness, leaving as is; letting it do what it does. Assuming alternation, oscillation, rhythmic interchange with effort

folk home, all folks folk home folk


global day of falling down (the falling down of avarice?)
collapsing as raising up; to let collapse, to lay down, put to rest, to end an oppression; to know the difference between supporting and preventing (collapse); to collapse without collapsing; to know the difference between falling that is opening and falling that closes; falling as leaving independent agency

the hologenome theory of evolution proposes that the object of natural selection is not the individual organism, but the holobiont, i.e. the organism together with its associated microbial communities

hyperstatic communalism
when a structure has excessive or redundant support each member can be less stiff as any force with a moment at one section will be redistributed to neighboring sections under less strain; static indeterminacy as distinct from a statically determinate (or iso-static) structure in which there is little or no redistribution of loads and local failure means systemic failure (brings the whole building down with it)

inalienable practices

sprinkled with the sacrificial meal (immolare “upon” + “mola” meal. Mola, mola. Turning the body into the earth that can absorb our behaviors

implantation touch



temporoceptivity; not losing track due to moving to fast, while being on time

sympathetic joy; vicarious happiness that comes from delighting in the well-being of others, especially materially

peeling away or dissolving the senses, as spaciousness and clarity for right conduct (to fill out the sciences of perception, proprioception, exteroception, interoceptivity)


tacit teaching; the tacit as teaching; non-teaching as teaching.

putting everything at stake: making everything matter

variously defined as dependent origination, dependent arising, interdependent co-arising, conditioned genesis, interdependent causation, [literally] arising-in-dependence-upon-conditions. Are we, as a configuration, arising in some other way than phenomena itself? Would that be possible or preferable? (Always precarious to “prefer.”) Can we get together and just be outside of cause and effect?

making favorable, making it safe to be given a gift or to give


brings up what can’t be brought up otherwise; clarifying and cathartic for all those around, as well; tears, by the way, biochemically speaking, do expel pathogens


coming about without conditions

wu chi
limitless space with there no organizational forces, yet in which stuff happens, directly due to that limitlessness


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