LAPSody 2015

We have been invited to participate in LAPSody 2015, taking place at the Theatre Academy 27-30 May 2015. Below is the proposal I sent to them in the application process. The actual event will be co-composed by those of us who are willing and able to participate in it. If you have any suggestions or questions concerning the proposal or the event, please comment on this post.

The BodyBuilding Project: An Assemblage

The BodyBuilding Project is an attempt to figure out what kind of subjectivities and relational capacities we, as beings and as a species, would need to develop in order to survive the future. It encourages us to reimagine the qualities and modes of being currently identified as human, and to begin building bodies capable of incorporating forms of knowledge and existence beyond our immediate experience and understanding.

The project consists of a perennial artistic research process and a series of public events. Both are done in collaboration with a varying group of theorists, practitioners and other creators, human and nonhuman.

At LAPSody2015, we propose sharing the current stage of our research in the form of a durational event consisting of several parallel sessions located in a single space. The sessions suggest a multiplicity of approaches to the topics of the project (as well as those of the festival), ranging from embodied practices to reading circles to freeform play and being. In the course of the event, these different modalities will gradually begin leaking and merging into each other, thus creating a mesh of emergent relations and incipient forms of co-existence between human, nonhuman and nonliving entities. The idea is to create an environment, where various forms of being, living and exchanging knowledge can not only co-exist but also constitute unprecedented assemblages and manifestations of life.

The visitors can enter, exit and circulate in the space as they wish, each finding their own way of participating in the creation of the event. The doors will remain open throughout the entire time.

Working Group
Anniina Ala-Ruona, Saara Hannula, Ilpo Heikkinen, Robert Kocik, Satu Palokangas, Tommi Vasko, Carmen C. Wong

Minimum 180min (negotiable)

White Box or Black Box

Technical Requirements
Mixer and a sound system, 4 loudspeakers (negotiable)
Lighting board, 5-8 spotlights (negotiable)

LAPSody 2015

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