smooth writing pen might make

A nice, smooth writing pen might make a really nice, yet inexpensive coworker Christmas gift this season. There’s a great chance it will get used, so you know it won’t sit around collecting dust. These types of things can make a really nice and inexpensive coworker Christmas gift.

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Another venture, JustShareIt, has added boats to the mix.Vehicle owners typically set their own rental rates and the companies take a percentage of up to 40%, a good chunk of which goes to cover insurance.The companies vet driving records and set standards for the vehicles they accept. Getaround asks renters to fill the tank, while RelayRides and Wheelz track mileage electronically and charge users for gasoline accordingly.A California law that went into effect last year has guaranteed additional owner protections: Insurance carriers can no longer drop customers for participating in car sharing networks.Evolving technology allows renters to access vehicles without a face to face key swap. But for some companies, the process has not always worked smoothly.Zachary Worthington put his Mazda Miata MX5 on RelayRides in October and has earned $700 enough to make his final two car payments.

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smooth writing pen might make