Research Themes 2014

What kind of abilities do we need to develop in the face of being overrun by the conditions (read: ourselves) and finally becoming extinct? Do we need to become increasingly able, apt and adaptable, or is it time to overcome fitness? What can we learn from the oversensitive, the overwhelmed and the disabled?

How are we affected by the phenomena and the events around and within us? How do we prevent ourselves from being affected by what is going on? What kinds of affects and embodied processes do the current economical, social and political conditions encourage and inflict? How do they affect our way of relating to or empathizing with other beings? How can we resist certain affects and encourage others?

How can we develop new ways of attuning and relating to each other, as well as other “living” and “nonliving” beings? What should these relational capacities or forms of coexistence be, and how do they change our ways of living? How do we want to be or live together?

Climate Crisis
What is the current situation concerning the climate? What kinds of environmental changes is it inflicting, and what is coming in the near and far future? What are the historical, economical and political forces behind this situation, and how could they be redirected?

How do we relate to matter and “nonliving” beings? How can they come alive for us? How can we sensitize ourselves to the material processes that govern much of our lives, as well as those that are utterly foreign to us? How can we get access to the knowledge matter possesses?

What are the bodily response mechanisms that come into play when we are asked to respond to a certain situation or event? How are they fired and why? Why do our bodies activate in certain situations, while in others they remain passive and indifferent? What is required for us act in relation to an event that doesn’t happen in our immediate proximity or have a direct or identifiable impact on us?

How can the above-mentioned responses and abilities be transmitted from one person to another? What is the role of affect, empathy (be it kinesthetic or emotional) or energy circulation in this process? What kind of ways of being with does the process of transmission suggest and give rise to?

Research Themes 2014