Saara Hannula is a performance-maker, researcher, curator and educator living and working in Helsinki. Her creative practice is inherently multiple: It moves between a variety of contexts, weaving the performative into the curatorial and pedagogical while being sensitive to the particularities of each context and situation. It is also generated and cultivated by a multiplicity of beings rather than by an individual.

During the past ten years, she has initiated and participated in the creation of over twenty large-scale performance projects while contributing actively to the development of the performing arts field as an independent organizer and curator and working within various collectives, organizations and institutions both in Finland and abroad.  Most her works have been experience-oriented with a particular focus on the embodied, environmental and interrelational aspects of human experience. In the recent years, they have become increasingly durational, research-oriented and open-ended: nowadays, they resemble continuously evolving ecosystems that are inhabited and shaped by a multiplicity of human and nonhuman entities and forces over an extended period of time.

In Fall 2017, she began her doctoral studies at the Performing Arts Research Center, Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts, with a focus on energy and the event. In parallel with the research, artistic and curatorial practices, she teaches regularly at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki and at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

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